A Unique Partnership

Partnership for Growth LA is a Black & Jewish Community Development Corporation established to build sustainable community wellness and cooperative development among South and West Los Angeles. Partnership for Growth LA was founded by disruptors who listen and respond to the needs of the communities we serve.

PFGLA was founded in 2020 as a partnership between McCarty Memorial Christian Church (MMCC) and the Jewish Center for Justice (JCJ), to address core needs vital to community members’ quality of life, such as food access, job and economic security, primary education support, and workforce development.

PFGLA is built upon a rich history of Black and Jewish co-organizing, paying homage to the fight for fairness and justice during the Civil Rights movement. While our partnership is unique, it is not new.

Our Vision

PFGLA advocates for investing intentionally in our communities, in a manner that fosters sustainability and growth from within and can be replicated for long-lasting positive impact.

  • We foster partnerships that lead to community restoration and growth.
  • We are dedicated to thoughtfully investing resources to support locally owned and operated businesses within communities.
  • Our programs and initiatives prioritize opportunities for community development in ways that do not displace community members.
  • We are inclusive and collaborative. We believe diverse partnerships are critical to successful programming and providing opportunities for our community.
  • PFGLA builds effective and replicable systems to support the holistic development of individuals and communities.

Current Programs


Project Jubilee

Project Jubilee is a paid workforce development  program that works with violence-impacted youth, youth who have been pushed out of traditional schooling, and formerly incarcerated individuals. Learn more…


Freedom Farms

Freedom Farms aims to democratize and scale urban farming and enhance food accessibility by building a network of urban farms among South and West LA communities. Learn more…


Read Lead Freedom Schools

Read Lead Freedom Schools is a free summer school and after school program for school-aged children, dedicated to expanding access to culturally competent reading comprehension and education support. Learn more…

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