A Unique Partnership

Partnership for Growth LA (PFGLA) is a community development corporation, founded in 2020 as a partnership between McCarty Memorial Christian Church and Jewish Center for Justice. It was founded with the purpose of addressing core needs vital to community member’s quality of life, such as food access, job and economic security, educational success, and workforce development — and doing so in a manner that builds community ownership and cooperative development.

Our Mission

As a Black/Jewish CDC partnership, we are working to grow generational community wellness and economic opportunity among South and West LA by building food access, job training, and educational success.

Our Vision

We envision a world that embraces non-traditional economic development that is supported by traditional infrastructures, to allow greater access to health, wellness and financial security. We work to dissolve neighborhood borders as barriers to financial opportunity and wellness.

Project Jubilee

Current Programs

Project Jubilee

Project Jubilee is a paid workforce development and violence interruption program that works with transition aged youth and formerly incarcerated individuals. Learn more…

Freedom Farms

Freedom Farms is focused on building food access and economic opportunity in South and West LA by building and linking local urban agriculture and farms. Learn more…

Read Lead x CDF Freedom Schools

This free summer school program helps children ages 3–10 to fall in love with reading, increase their self-esteem, and have more positive attitudes toward learning. Learn more…

Kimble DeLeon Goodman

PFGLA is deeply saddened to report that Kimble Deleon Goodman, one of the master farmers at Freedom Farms, passed away on October 15, 2023. Kimble influenced the original proposal for PFGLA’s Freedom Farms, and three years later that co-imagination became a reality. Kimble loved to discuss farming, his own farms in Lancaster, and his work to empower Black, Brown, and Indigenous urban farmers across California and the country. He will be missed. Rest in Power.

“We will miss Kimble for his vision, his gentle spirit, and his diligence to bend the arc of justice so that Black, Brown, and Indigenous farmers can reclaim the land.”

— Pastor Eddie Anderson, CEO, PFGLA

Latest News

Freedom Farms Launch!

We had a blast celebrating the launch of Freedom Farms, our newest initiative.

Freedom Farms is tasked with advancing food access and developing a sustainable farm to table link, on a hyper-local level in LA.

Thank you to Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (@sydneykamlager) Sen. Lola Smallwood-Cuevas (@lolasmallwoodcuevas) and Asm. Isaac G. Bryan (@ib2_real) for their commitment to food equity and community based solutions.

Thanks also to our many community partners for their vital work and thought leadership! Special thanks to Good Earth Community Garden for hosting us!

We’ll be hosting info meetings in the coming months. Sign up to stay updated!

photos by Karim Saafir

Program Launch Coverage

The program launch event was featured on local TV and radio and in Los Angeles Times (Website, PDF), Los Angeles Sentinel (Website), OurWeekly (Website), NewsBreak (Website, PDF), La Opinión (Website, PDF: Español, English), and other media outlets.

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