Project Jubilee

Project Jubilee

Project Jubilee is a paid workforce development program that works with violence-impacted youth, youth who have been pushed out of traditional schooling, and formerly incarcerated individuals. Through Project Jubilee, participants receive comprehensive job training, social and financial support, and interventions that teach tools on how to address trauma, access services, and navigate the stressors that impact their well-being.

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Project Jubilee

Freedom Farms

Through Freedom Farms, we aim to democratize and scale urban farming and enhance food accessibility. We invest in local urban farms, in coordination with local master farmers, to support healthy eating in our community. We are building a network of urban farms among South and West LA communities to coordinate and manage project efforts to support a sustainable and large-scale local food economy. Our partners include:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Community-based organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Commercial and recreational urban farmers
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Project Jubilee

Read Lead Freedom Schools

Read Lead Freedom Schools is a free summer school and after school program for school-aged children. We are dedicated to expanding access to culturally competent reading comprehension and education support through this unique literacy and academic enrichment program.

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